Citizens Duty  It is our chosen right to rule this world and to place all of you, rightly, in servitude.

Empowerment from Within for Pakistani Women In a society deeply rooted in misogyny and patriarchy, it is controversial for women

 Fight Or Flight As I step outside my house my anxiety kicks in. As I catch the bus my anxiety

Unapologetically Black, Muslim and Female Opportunity.  Oxford Dictionary defines this as word dually as a time or set of circumstances

The Strong Black Woman In society today the strong black woman can at times be viewed as a pillar within

The Return Of The Silk Road – 21st Century Style The original silk road, spanning back to the the Han

70 Years On – Partition & It's Effects: My Experiences A British Indian-Pakistani August 1947 - A month that not

The Danger of a ‘Global Language With over 350 million people speaking English across the world as a first language

Hate Crime Against Muslim Women Before I dive into the subject that I am going to discuss, I would just

Something Borrowed, Something Blue She limped to the stage to sit next to her decorated man, the man she married