About AnotherLenz

 AnotherLenz is an online magazine based in London that strives to voice unpopular underrepresented and unique stories, opinions and experiences. It is a platform where alternative views can be expressed without discrimination.

We like to explore alternative views of a situation, rather than the ‘mainstream’ opinion no matter what reaction it may garner. To dig deep into the heart of a topic and investigate every link in the chain is what we’re all about.

Whether it’s a societal issue, politics, culture, identity, activism, or an inspiration individual experience, we are here to voice your opinion and provide a safe space for you to express what is underrepresented.

Throughout this magazine you will read from different people around the globe, witness amazing art and poetry and writing.

Target Audience?- The blurred line was intentional. The distinctive element of our magazine is that it does not have a target audience. With countless amounts of carefully focused magazines being introduced, someone is always left in the dark. At Anotherlenz there is no typecast, group or label, but rather anyone with an unpopular opinion, underrepresented story or unique experience is able to express it. Some may argue not having a target market is dangerous, but I guess the unpopular opinion starts here, with the very concept of the magazine.

We don’t believe in labels, we believe in people. So let’s start looking at things through Another Lenz.