Born To Be Unborn Again

The dark encapsulates me
Unable to see anything

I can only hear uproar from outside the tomb I’m in

Twenty-five long years,
my parents awaited a child

Now that I was arriving, everything seems like a dream, too wild

Little do I know that this wasn’t even the start

I was going to be born into a nightmare where innocent lives were being torn apart

Don’t these cruel people have a heart?

They’re killing my family in between their salah?

I want to see my mother,
I must see her now

Because there is no promise that she’ll  be around

I hear her weeping and screaming amidst all the horrific sounds

Yelling ‘Ya Allah, please protect me and my unborn child’

And soon
I was born
In the corner of a dark room
No hospital bed or nurse to assist my mother’s womb

My father wasn’t to be seen anywhere

Just dear mother

In blood, sweat and tears

Yet she smiles at the sight

Of me

My mother held me close that night
In her arms, she held me tight

In fear that she might- lose

Lose the last person she loved
The rest had been killed

And were with God above

Suddenly, soldiers rushed through the door
Grabbed my mother
Threw her across the floor
My mothers screams

Please, please no more!

They put the gun to my head


And that was it

I was no more

I had just come

And I was gone

My mother,

Please be strong

We shall reunite in the heavens
Where we belong…

Khadija Ahmed

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