Citizens Duty

 It is our chosen right to rule this world
and to place all of you, rightly,
in servitude.

Shackles won’t be made from iron or lead,
but with taxes and debt, you’ll be kept instead.

With a diet of entertainment, an opium we’ll feed,
to ensure that your minds are kept docilely.

‘Tis not your place to move away from mere play
or to turn aside from what does not entertain.

Surely your place,
as you must now know,
is to sit idly by and passively obey.

Unless that is, we ask your concern;
to turn your attention to what’s being sold.

Then, as before, you’ll do as your told:
to be happy, alarmed or to shout and to scold.

As the ‘dutiful citizen’ you shall not ask why,
for your rightful place is to only comply.

For we are your rulers at the apex of power:
so get to your knees,
and yield to your master.

Khalid Hasan

Born in London, K M Hasan holds a Masters in War Studies and has led the project to translate two short-works by one of Spain’s greatest Islamic scholars, Ibn Hazm (A Ruling on Music and Chess, Foundational Islamic Principles: available on Amazon)
Khalid Hasan

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