These Marks On My Skin, They Are My Battle Wounds

It was a tough time for me, but it taught me so much.

It taught me to be strong.

Strong for my family, strong for parents, strong for myself

I struggled, I really did.

I didn’t understand what was happening.

The amount of times I held a blade and scraped my skin, glaring at blood pouring out of my arm was crazy.

I felt I couldn’t cope anymore, I felt like giving up. What happened?

I gave up. I felt so empty inside, I blamed myself for something for which I had no control.

He called you home, He protected you from this deceiving world.

At the time I didn’t think like that.

I got this thought into my head that I could save you.

I thought that I could have done something to protect you from death.

I kept blaming myself until I cut myself, again and again.

Months went by, scars started forming and now, this is what they mean to me

They are a part of my life, a chapter

These marks on my skin, they are my battle wounds

They show me what I’ve been through

They show me that I can overcome

They represent my courage and my strength

Every time I roll up my sleeve and see this marks painted on my skin

I remember, that whatever happens, He is always there to protect me and He is always going to be there.

Atiyyah Lorgat
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