Troubled Einstein

A poem by Roger Rojas


Moments became obscured.

searching for equilibrium. 

we walked away,

shadows became indefinable.

love became ineffable.

I carry a watch on my left wrist,

but I’m still losing time.

the art of silence

causes mimes to speak.

even at their pinnacle, 

I have seen birds land.

impulses become forbidden. 

motor skills collapse

as if your cerebellum was damaged.

paralyzed by the sinking depth

of your thoughts.

you kept parts of my speech 

as mementos.

you said your heart became frigid 

maybe my poems are like a blanket for your worries 

we became afraid our past

we lost ourselves in places we feared

even in the presence of others

we still feel invisible

the “funny” thing about pain

is that we both have different tolerances

don’t be blinded by beauty

how do we veil the beauty of a mind 

there is no simplicity in time.

even the General Theory of Relativity.

troubled Einstein.

Roger Rojas
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